Cheryl Takata Ceramics

Cheryl Takata is a ceramic artist from Perrysburg, Ohio. She started working in her own pottery studio in 2011 after her retirement as creative director at Bowling Green State University. Her work is currently available in several northwest Ohio galleries. She also participates in local and national, invitational and juried exhibitions.

Her recent work is influenced by her heritage and things Japanese. Animals are a recurrent subject of her functional and sculptural ceramics. These pieces are intended to bring joy and good fortune to those who possess them. 

Much of her work is made of stoneware that is high-fired in Manabigama wood kilns. From the embers of burning logs within the kiln, a wood ash is produced, it settles on the work and fluxes to form a glazed surface. Other work is made of either stoneware or porcelain and is fired in an electric oxidation kiln. She will employ different surface techniques to enhance her pieces. One technique she often uses is called “sgraffito.” It is a method where she carves a design through a layer of slip that is painted on the clay surface. She finds that clay provides an ideal canvas to express her graphic sensibility.