Cheryl Takata Ceramics

Cheryl Takata is a ceramic artist from Perrysburg, Ohio. She opened her own pottery studio in 2011 and her work can now be found in several area galleries and exhibitions.

She refers to her functional pottery 
as "art bowls" because of the surface designs she applies to her pieces. She often employs sgraffito, a method where she carves a design through a layer of slip on porcelain or stoneware. Clay provides an ideal medium for her graphic style.

Recent sculptural and pattern work  are influenced by her heritage and things Japanese. Some of this work is wood-fired stoneware that was fired in a Manabigama kiln. From embers of burning logs, an ash glaze is formed and deposited on the work creating an interesting surface. Her designs are usually inspired by nature's beauty, patterns and textures. Animals are a recurrent subject of her sculptural ceramics.